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"I come from a career in teaching. I want to use my experience, passion, and leadership to serve our community. We need to create a school district that provides safety, student success, supports teachers, and provides sustainability. Thank you for your support."

School should be a place where students are safe. It should be a place that prioritizes a student's safety.​ Teacher, staff, and administrators should also be able to work at a place that provides safety to all employees. The curriculum should provide educational content that is age appropriate and parent supported.

Support Teachers

I believe we need to support the great teachers that we have in Katy ISD. This support includes teacher pay, benefits, professional development opportunities, instructional resources, and class caps. Teachers are the frontline of our school district- and have the largest impact in the success of our students. We should support them fully in this endeavor. ​

Student Success

All students should have the opportunity to reach their personal educational goals. Whether their goals include athletics, band, art, technology, agriculture, academic, or workforce related fields, these goals should be supported. 

Students should experience learning towards their goals and towards a high school graduation. Learning should occur through quality education from qualified and quality teachers that engage students through active learning.


A school district can only be sustainable if they are also fiscally responsible. I believe a school district is responsible for wisely spending tax dollars so that money is not wasted or used irresponsibly. Sustainability also includes preparing for growth in the Katy ISD area by planning new schools and facilities that support the projected increase in population. Furthermore, sustainability is accomplished by creating a community between the school district and the residents in the community. This involves hosting events for the community, providing volunteer opportunities, and through community and school partnerships.

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